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Climber Dentelle - TanzaniteClimber Dentelle - Tanzanite
Climber 'Dentelle' - Freshwater pearlClimber 'Dentelle' - Freshwater pearl
Fringed Climber - GoldFringed Climber - Gold
Fringed Climber - Gold Sale price$55.00
Sold outStuds Helios - TanzaniteStuds Helios - Tanzanite
Studs Helios - Tanzanite Sale price$65.00
Studs Helios - Freshwater PearlStuds Helios - Freshwater Pearl
Studs Helios - Lapis LazuliStuds Helios - Lapis Lazuli
Ring Helios - TanzaniteRing Helios - Tanzanite
Ring Helios - Tanzanite Sale price$70.00
Ring Helios - Freshwater PearlRing Helios - Freshwater Pearl
Ring Helios - Lapis-LazuliRing Helios - Lapis-Lazuli
Mini Hoop Dentelle - TanzaniteMini Hoop Dentelle - Tanzanite
Mini Hoop Dentelle - Freshwater PearlMini Hoop Dentelle - Freshwater Pearl
Sold outMini Hoop Dentelle - Lapis LazuliMini Hoop Dentelle - Lapis Lazuli
Sold outStuds Coquille - TanzaniteStuds Coquille - Tanzanite
Sold outStuds Coquille - PearlStuds Coquille - Pearl
Studs Coquille - Pearl Sale price$45.00
Studs Coquille - Lapis-LazuliStuds Coquille - Lapis-Lazuli
The Swan Ring - TanzaniteThe Swan Ring - Tanzanite
The Swan Ring - Tanzanite Sale price$60.00
The Swan Ring - RubyThe Swan Ring - Ruby
The Swan Ring - Ruby Sale price$60.00
The Swan Ring - SapphireThe Swan Ring - Sapphire
The Swan Ring - Sapphire Sale price$60.00
Diamante Half Moon Ring - GoldDiamante Half Moon Ring - Gold
Organique ring - Freshwater PearlOrganique ring - Freshwater Pearl
Aureole Ring - GoldAureole Ring - Gold
Aureole Ring - Gold Sale price$45.00
Faux piercing Éclat croisé - GoldFaux piercing Éclat croisé - Gold
Sold outFaux piercing 'Coquillage' - GoldFaux piercing 'Coquillage' - Gold
Wave Faux piercing - Freshwater PearlWave Faux piercing - Freshwater Pearl
Hoop 'Bouton' - Freshwater PearlHoop 'Bouton' - Freshwater Pearl
Button Solitaire mini hoop earrings - Freshwater PearlButton Solitaire mini hoop earrings - Freshwater Pearl
Studs Aureole - Freshwater PearlStuds Aureole - Freshwater Pearl
Stella Earring Back - Lapis LazuliStella Earring Back - Lapis Lazuli
Sold outStella Earring Back - RubyStella Earring Back - Ruby
Stella Earring Back - Freshwater PearlStella Earring Back - Freshwater Pearl
Stella Chain Ring - TanzaniteStella Chain Ring - Tanzanite
Stella simple chain ring - PearlStella simple chain ring - Pearl
Sold outStella Chain Ring - RubyStella Chain Ring - Ruby
Stella Chain Ring - Ruby Sale price$22.00
Sold outSatellite Chain Ring - Freshwater PearlSatellite Chain Ring - Freshwater Pearl
Chance Chain Ring - Freshwater PearlChance Chain Ring - Freshwater Pearl
Satellite chain ring - Lapis LazuliSatellite chain ring - Lapis Lazuli
Chain Earrings - GoldChain Earrings - Gold
Chain Earrings - Gold Sale price$40.00
Twin Chain Earring - GoldTwin Chain Earring - Gold
Twin Chain Earring - Gold Sale price$45.00
Chain Earrings - Freshwater PearlChain Earrings - Freshwater Pearl
Double chain earrings - Freshwater PearlDouble chain earrings - Freshwater Pearl
Pont de Chaine Earring Backs - GoldPont de Chaine Earring Backs - Gold