An independent spirit with a passion for technology (and what it means for the future of fashion), Nada loves to create accessories that mix personality, luxury, and creativity. After traveling the world and working in fashion for most of her life, she knows her best inspiration comes from the people around her.

Nada was born in cosmopolitan Lebanon, and has been living the urban life in NYC for many years.


Luxury artisanal designs, to have and to hold

You have an unwavering sense of self. We believe in exquisitely handcrafted handbags and accessories that enhance the woman you are. Striking colors and bold silhouettes are fused with personalization, engaging you in a dream-like, urban world of play.

Nada Sawaya nurtures the blend of technology with creative design, bringing immersive pieces that are a powerful companion for the modern woman.
Her designs are intuitive, breathtaking and visionary. This affinity with femininity is infused through every design, creating pieces with outstanding craftsmanship that transport customers to a dream-like world.

“I know that the modern woman of today craves experiences over material possessions. For me, a woman’s handbag should be beautiful. It should be luxurious. But it should also connect her with the experiences that allow her to engage, have fun and put a big smile on her face. Nada Sawaya bags are designed to be her perfect companion.”

Every woman has spent needless time rooting around in a handbag for items. Nada Sawaya bags are designed to open and reveal the entire contents of your bag at a glance. No more time wasting.

Nada Sawaya’s quest is to create exquisitely handcrafted handbags, merging the finesse of New York design and the beauty of true Italian craftsmanship. As well as striking, mood-reflecting colors and bold silhouettes, they unlock a dreamy world using innovative digital technology.

Nada Sawaya: Playful Luxury. Beautiful Craft.