Inspired by true authenticity, Nada Sawaya fuses beautifully handcrafted handbags and accessories with playful, dream-like experiences.

Nada was born in cosmopolitan Lebanon, and has been living the urban life in NYC for many years.

I know that the modern woman of today craves experiences over material possessions. For me, a woman’s handbag should be beautiful. It should be luxurious and accessible. But it should also offer up experiences that allow her to engage, have fun and put a big smile on her face. Nada Sawaya bags are designed to be her perfect partner in crime.”

Every woman has spent needless time rooting around in a handbag for items. Nada Sawaya bags are designed to open and reveal the entire contents of your bag at a glance. No more time wasting.

Nada Sawaya’s quest is to create exquisitely handcrafted handbags, merging the finesse of New York design and the beauty of true Italian craftsmanship. Think striking, mood-reflecting colors and bold silhouette bags, hiding a secret gateway to a dreamy world using innovative digital technology.