Every Nada Sawaya handbag has brains as well as beauty. Tucked away inside every handbag lives an NFC tag. A.K.A.Your Gateway to the World. And your smartphone is the key.

Unlocking the experience is simple:

1. Hover over your bag’s logo with your smartphone on

2. Hold on for a connection

3. Tap the screen

4. Let your journey begin

It’s that easy. And now you have a handbag that’s much more than just a bag. In fact, it’s something pretty special.


Your Nada Sawaya bag is all about opening experiences. Connect with the world around you, with games, product interactivity, and untold adventures.

We live in a connected world where digital experiences make the impossible, possible. Get involved.


Your Nada Sawaya bag will become your trusty companion. Think of your handbag as a direct line to us, as you become part of La Clic, the Nada Sawaya world. This gives you exclusive access to special news, customization opportunities, and product releases.


We believe in total transparency in everything we do. That’s why with a single tap of your smartphone, you can delve into the provenance of every element of your bag. The product journey will be visible to you on each web product page and through your bag’s smart label. There are no secrets here.