Our mission is to penetrate a saturated market by creating a collection for consumers who have given up on uniqueness in the fashion world, a collection with a strong enough impact to excite and fascinate bored shoppers. 

Our unique approach to design characterizes our collection as refined, innovative and timeless. 

The NADA SAWAYA is a casual collection of handbags created to appeal to women's senses on every level.  

Founded on an intuitive understanding of a woman's needs and desires, this exclusive collection embodies the ultimate in luxury, and creative expression, always using the finest quality of skins, workmanship and technological innovation. 

Anyone who believes all handbags are created equal has never encountered a “nada sawaya, new york” handbag. “Nada sawaya, new york” collection handbag are uniquely handcrafted from start to finish. Italian artisans treat each piece as a singular work of art. In today’s world of fast fashion, this brand reflects patience and perfectionism With perfect stitching, hand woven leather handles, exquisite detailing and the laser cut treatments of Tuscan leathers, artisans minimize waste and emphasize natural patterns and distinct qualities of each skin. The artisans’ vision and precision is critical in order to guarantee a one-of-a-kind final product.The process requires focus, steady hands and unwavering attention to detail. The bag begins to take shape as the body is finalized, the hand woven handles are stitched on, and distinctive internal lining is introduced.  Finally, zippers are applied, and the bag is polished in order to bring out the natural gleam of the materials 

The cult following has begun.  The best specialty stores throughout the world share their client’s love of the collection and say that once a client invests in one bag – they are forever hooked. Not many brands in this day and age can boast a production process that is slow-paced and personal, yet results in creations that border on otherworldly.   

Indeed, these are bags for people who know bags. Isn’t it time you count yourself among them?