Early on, Nada Sawaya realized her passion revolves around creation.  From selling hand-made fine jewelry to fine stores in Miami, New York, Paris and Dubai, to establishing a retail environment in her home country of Lebanon, Nada today has also designed collection of Italian handcrafted handbags.  Her mission has long rested on the concept of bringing aesthetics and luxury together. 

 What is the drive behind Nada's journey?  After studying gemology and creating jewelry, in 1995 she returned to Lebanon to launch "Chiktok" (from the French: "Chik" = chic and "Tok" = fashion jewelry), quickly positioning it as the first high-quality fashion jewelry retailer in the country.  By 2006, the Chiktok brand had achieved widespread recognition, and become a household name.  With six strategic locations across the country, Sawaya constantly broadened her product range, which now includes fashion jewelry, bags, scarves, watches, sunglasses, hats, shoes and swimwear.  Always on the lookout for avant-garde products and talented designers, Nada originally sourced her accessories from traditional countries such as the US, France and Italy, before shifting to more exotic locations, namely Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia.   

 Hailing from cosmopolitan Beirut, the capital of the tiny Mediterranean country that boasts a disproportionate number of world known designers, Sawaya settled in New York City in 2006. She constantly travels to Italy to uncover novelties and traditional techniques.   

After years of fruitless quests for sophisticated handbags without heavy hardware and overbearing embellishments, she made this the focus of her handbags. Using exotic skins and laser cut leathers as her canvas; Nada created a luxurious, practical, light, beautiful and wearable collection, NADA SAWAYA 

Her products, handcrafted in small family-owned workshops in Italy that are known for outstanding workmanship, meld timeless style with modern sensibility. The simplicity and beauty of the skins complement any wardrobe, accentuating a woman’s personal style rather than dictating it.  

Her inspiration comes from her experiences around the world as well as from her friends, an eclectic group of accomplished and stylish women from all five continents whose passion, vitality and individuality inspire her work.   From these influences comes a fusion of tactile, lush and sleek elements and shapes embodied in her laser-cut leather handbags and accessories and exotic skins mini bags and totes