Inspired by true authenticity, Nada Sawaya fuses beautifully handcrafted handbags and accessories with playful, dream-like experiences.

Nada was born in cosmopolitan Lebanon, and has been living the urban life in NYC for many years.


“I know that the modern woman of today craves experiences over material possessions. For me, a woman’s handbag should be beautiful. It should be luxurious and accessible. But it should also offer up experiences that allow her to engage, have fun and put a big smile on her face. Nada Sawaya bags  are designed to be her perfect partner in crime.”


Every woman has spent needless time rooting around in a handbag for items. Nada Sawaya bags are designed to open and reveal the entire contents of your bag at a glance. No more time wasting. 


Nada Sawaya’s quest is to create exquisitely handcrafted handbags, merging the finesse of New York design and the beauty of true Italian craftsmanship. Think striking, mood-reflecting colors and bold silhouette bags, hiding a secret gateway to a dreamy world using innovative digital technology.

Italian Craftsmanship within your reach

Let me prepare you, wearing a Nada Sawaya isn’t like carrying other bags. You could say, it’s like having the world’s most talented, beautiful wingwoman, always by your side. Best-in-their-field Italian artisans use their prowess to emphasize natural patterns of the skin and bring the unique shape and feel to life. And the truth is, you experience the kind of luxury awarded from true Italian craftsmanship, but without losing a small fortune.

Just Slip One. You’ll understand

“Ten bags may be the same shape, but since they are all made by hand, they are each unique.” Nada Sawaya bags are a labor of love. The laser-focused artisans use their magic to bring Nada Sawaya’s designs to life, backed by 15 years of expertise in the handbag creation. The result, we think you’ll agree, is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Space for days

Just when you think there isn’t a handbag out there to happily contain all your items, think again. We’ll never get tired of the gasps of amazement as we watch people open a Nada Sawaya bag for the first time. Forget digging around aimlessly, the contents will pop as soon as you open the bag.